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This activity is carried out at Club de Campo Mendoza.

Classes vary according to the customer; the teacher observes the student’s skills to personalize them.

A regular class lasts1:30 hr, and it is divided into three stages:

1º Stage:

Getting in contact with the horse (which implies the recognition of the animal and the student), being aware of the polo horse equipment, to go on with the horseback riding, depending on the rider’s skill (20-minute period).

2º Stage:

After the teacher observes the student has acquired the skill to ride a horse, the player’s equipment and some rules of the game are introduced (20-minute period).

3º Stage:

The last stage consists of a faster tack together with a fast horseback riding (20-minute period). Between stages, the student can take a break to recover energy and pass to the following stage if feels ready or desires to.