The main winemaking regions in Mendoza are: Luján de Cuyo, Uco Valley and Maipú. You can choose from any of our proposals, or you can program the tour yourselves, according to your interests and the wineries available in each of the options.



Mendoza and wine are synonyms. Around 70% of Argentinean wines is elaborated in the province. The water is provided by the Andes´ glaciers which form an oasis since they are close to the Mountain Rivers.

The weather is mild and dry; temperature ranges and soil characteristics make each region a unique zone for its crops, highlighting our main host, the Malbec.

Among a wide range of wineries (traditional, modern, ecologic), we choose the ones that allow for the comparison of varietals – of course, this depends on the winemaking regions. Generally, we visit from three to four wineries a day: the visit consists on a tour through the winery, followed by a guided tasting by experts at the winery.


Area: Luján de Cuyo

9.00 am - Your driver will take you into the nearby area of Luján de Cuyo; one of the most important wine region in Mendoza. Our first stop will be at 9.30 am into Vistalba Winery tour and tasting of their wines. From Vistalba we will go at 11.00 am to Achaval Ferrer Winery, for a wine tour and tasting. After Achaval, your host will take you to Susana Balbo winery at 12.30 am: tour and followed by a great pairing lunch in this beautiful restaurant inside the winery with a perfect view of the Andes mountains, and next to their vineyards. After lunch, around 5.00 pm, you will be arriving into your hotel.

Optional Wineries:  

Lagarde, Benegas, Finca Decero, Séptima, Renacer, Melipal, Martinos wine, Mendel, Clos de chacras, Kaiken, Bressia, Durigutti. Chandon, Terrazas, Matervini, Norton, Nieto Senetiner, Riccitelli, Finca Bandini, Sottano.

Area: Uco Valley

9.00 am and after breakfast, your driver will drive you to southern Mendoza, to the well known Uco Valley, 1 ½ hours from the city. This is a splendid area where you will enjoy the vineyards and the glacier-capped Andes, first stopping off at Zorzal Wines winery at 10.30 am for wine tour and tasting. After Zorzal you will stop at Andeluna Winery at 12.00 pm. Here, you will also have a tour followed by a paring meal lunch. After lunch you will stop at Salentein Winery at 3.30 pm for a wine tour and tasting. Around 6.00 pm. You will arrive into your hotel. Optional Wineries: Pulenta Estate, La Azul, Atamisque, Monteviejo, Diamandes, Rolland, Corazon del Sol, Cuvelier de los Andes, Solo Contigo, Alfa Crux, Domaine Bouquet, The Vines, Piedra infinita, Casa Pedrini, La Azul.

Optional Wineries:   

Pulenta Estate, La Azul, Atamisque, Monteviejo, Diamandes, Rolland, Corazon del Sol, Cuvelier de los Andes, Solo Contigo, Alfa Crux, Domaine Bouquet, The Vines, Piedra infinita, Casa Pedrini, La Azul.


9.00 am - Your driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to eastern Mendoza, to the well-known Maipú area, first stopping off at Benegas Winery at 9.30 am. From Benegas, you will go to Trapiche Winery at 11.00 am for a wine tour and tasting. After that, your host will take you to El Enemigo winery at 1.00 p.m, for lunch, to enjoy a pairing meal lunch followed by a tour of the winery. After lunch, you will return to Mendoza around 5.00 p.m Optional Wineries: Alandes , Zuccardi, Finca Savina, Agostino

Optional Wineries:   

Alandes , Zuccardi, Finca Savina, Agostino


In addition to the traditional visit to the wineries, Mendoza has a lot of other alternatives to live an unforgettable experience.


Interested in art? We will take you on a tour to the most famous local artists, who will give you a tour around their studio and show you their beautiful masterpieces, where you can get a glimpse at the striking paintings and sculptures.


You can take a private cooking lesson at the chef’s home, or at a winery. you can attend an interactive cooking workshop where you will taste the menu prepared at the class accompanied by delicious Mendocinean wines. Mendocinean cuisine is very similar to traditional Argentinean cuisine. Some of the most delicious traditional dishes are empanadas, barbecued meat made with chimichurri sauce and grilled vegetables and Tabletón Mendocino (a cookie-like sandwich filled with dulce de leche) for dessert.


We invite you to the core of Mendoza. In this city tour we will take you to visit some museums, the Area Fundacional with its archeological findings, the downtown area with its main plazas (squares) – and here it is worth to make a stop: Mendoza´s squares are the city´s soul, its oasis. We will also walk through the picturesque residential area known as "Quinta Sección", the magnificent General San Martín park, where we will go up the Cerro De La Gloria and visit the Greek theatre Frank Romero Day (scenery for the Vintage Festival). You will be drenched in the city’s beauty, its perfect rhythm similar to that of a big town… or small city? The perfect equilibrium.


We will be heading towards the high mountains through the Andes, passing by Potrerillos and Uspallata town. We will stop at Penitentes ski resort, where we will have lunch while admiring these majestic ranges that remind us of the Penitentes monks descending in procession. After lunch, we will go to Puente del Inca (Spanish for Inca Bridge) until getting to Aconcagua base (Huarpe word meaning stone guard). We will say goodbye with the sun hiding in our backs.


On your horse, you'll be able to reach the most beautiful areas with amazing views, where you will take pictures of unique scenery of the Andes and, if you are lucky, you will be able to see some indigenous animals from our fauna such as foxes, pumas, condors and guanacos. Our horses are tame, well trained and in great shape for this kind of excursion.


Mendoza is ideal for white water rafting, not only for experts but also for beginners. You can go white water rafting in the Mendoza river which is also great for kayaking and canoeing. The Mendoza river is a category 3 river and its rapids reach category 4 and 5, depending on its water level and the season. The water level is the highest during summer due to the melting water coming from the mountains, reaching a volume of 70-190 m3 per second in some areas. During winter, the level lowers to 20 m3 per second.


Choose to go on trekking along energizing mountain paths and let the beauty and tranquility of the Mendocinean landscape delight you. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture this unique experience and the breath-taking sights you'll encounter on your walk.


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